Nini Prætorius, Professor with lung cancer fights Covid 19 with breathing method

Professor and Emeritus in Psychology Nini Prætorius, 81, tells how she got covid-19 and kept her anxiety in control by breathing and listening to a CD (practise CD for 'The Note from Heaven' book)

Lyme disease, tumor.. Runi cures himself with undertones

Runi Vayu has for years sound healed him self with deep undertones

A 'Note from Heaven' testimony - Dorte Lynderup, mediator at the Police

Three miracles of sound healing - interview with Dorthe Lynderup, mediator at the Police: 'Vocal sound healing works - I do not care why or how - It works!' Interview by Githa Ben-David during International Education in The Note from Heaven, Egmont, 28 November 2020.

Feedback from participants on Githa Ben-David's course in Norway

Five people from Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Palestine share their experiences after one week of work with sound healing using The Note from Heaven under instruction by Githa Ben-David. Video by Githa Ben-David, September 2020.

Yavin Vermeulen recommends Githa Ben-David

The last day of a 'The Note from Heaven' week course in Norway with Githa Ben-David - some people on the terrace is asked what they got out of the course

Surrender to The Note from Heaven

Sing with the river in pure nature

Vocal Detox 1: Purification of the Liver

So many people suffer from strange symptoms, pain, burning, unexplainable infections, joint problems, swellings… These symptoms are often diagnosed as unexplainable autoimmune responses and or as mental disorders, because Medical doctors are not trained in detoxification of pesticides and heavy metals

Soundhealing of Cancer, Githa Ben-David & Lars Muhl

Bente Hornbaek tells her story, Ghil Ben-David plays and sings, Lars Muhl & Githa Ben-David share their experience with sound healing of cancer - selftreatment and from healer to receiver.

She sings her cancer away - vocal sound therapy

Bente Hornbaek explains how she reach out to God through a daily rutine of singing 'The Note from Heaven' and 'Hung Song' - and how this practice has strengthened her immune system and helped her recover from being a terminal leukemia patient, given up by the conventional system

A story of leukemia and sound healing

4 month prior to this interview Bente was a terminal cancer patient given up by the hospital

The Magician - a film on the artist Benjamin Levy and his wife Hanna Levy - by Lars Muhl

Film from 2020, editing by Jesper Roland.

Awareness of Lights influence - interview with matematician/physician Harald Kerres

Interview about lights influence on the Eco system with matematician/physician Harald Kerres, linked to the European patent office

The Fourth Phase of Water - interview with Professor Gerald Pollack

During a breake in the annual International Water conference in Sofia 2018, Githa Ben-David caught Gerald Pollack down the stairs to the basement of the hotel, and asked him for an interview about The Fourth Phase of Water

Interview with Professor Giuseppe Vitiello

Interview with Professor Giuseppe Vitiello about consciousness and sound, at the 2018 Water Conference in Bulgaria, by Githa Ben-David.

Interview with John Stuart Reid

Interview with scientist John Stuart Reid at the 2018 Water Conference in Bulgaria, by Githa Ben-David.

Len Murray: EZ Water Voltage, Bioelectricity and the Correlation with EMF and 5G

An interview with scientist Len Murray at the 2018 Water Conference in Bulgaria, by Githa Ben-David.

Interview with senior scientist Stephanie Seneff on glyphosate and the pineal gland by Githa Ben-David

Lars Muhl meets rabbi Even Israel

Lars Muhl meets rabbi Even Israel at the Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem 2014.

The Song of Solomon by Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl meets his friend, Shlomo Halutz, a biblical tour guide and researcher in Magdala 2014.

Cameraman Ami Shamir’s testimony on The Gate of Light

Ami Shamir who was cameraman on Lars Muhl's short film "The Gate of Light" tells about the wonderful experience he had while filming Lars in Cave 4 at Qumran

Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

A talk with Rupert Sheldrake and Lars Muhl

Interview with publisher Michael Mann

Denne video handler om The Michael Mann - Interview

Doterra 1

Denne video handler om Doterra 1

Interview with Lakha Lama

March 2015